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Portola Paints & Glazes 

From their website:

“With a combined 25 years of experience, Jamie and Casey’s devotion to the brand and their customers is palpable. Because every paint color provides an opportunity to tell a story and transform a space, the brothers take both time and pride in delivering personalized service and creating customized palettes that reflect a client’s unique personality. Their extensive variety of paints and specialty finishes are all made locally and in small batches at their L.A. headquarters. Using their knowledge of pigment and saturation, and an ability to match all of their paints by eye, they design full spectrum colors that reflect a broader range of light and coordinate in subtle, yet powerful ways, to any environment. Honoring time-old traditions, they blend every color by hand to ensure color depth and accuracy, and embrace ancient techniques with their exclusive Lime Wash coating and other specialty products reminiscent of the past. Engineered for environmental safety and the modern world, their paint formulations are low odor and contain no VOCs.”

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