Frequently Asked Questions

What to know about Classico Limewash:

Which surfaces can Classico Limewash be applied?

We can apply Classico Limewash as one coat to create a wash-off effect, or one to two coats for a solid finish, to any absorbent, unpainted masonry surfaces including brick, stone, concrete, and more. To test your home for absorbency, throw some water on the surface and see if it soaks up (absorbent), and doesn’t sit directly on the surface (non-absorbent and will not work).

What colors are available for Classico Limewash?

Classico Limewash is available in seven colors that were curated for the best colors for different styles and color tones of your home. Custom tinting is available for those who desire a custom color.

Can you apply Classico Limewash to my painted trim, siding, or various other non-masonry surfaces?

Not directly, but we can use Romabio’s BioGrip Micro Primer as a first coat to act as a bridge, and essentially provide a micro masonry surface that will allow the products to adhere. Then we can add one or two coats of Classico Limewash.

Can you apply it to my driveway/outdoor patio/bench/etc.?

If the surface is horizontal/parallel to the ground and will have anyone sitting or walking on it, then Classico Limewash will wear away easily and is not recommended.

How many coats of Limewash do you need to apply?

To get the Old World look of the brick exposed (wash-off effect), we only need to apply one coat and no additional primer. To achieve a fully opaque look, we would apply one or two coats depending on the look you desire.

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Will Classico Limewash turn my brick pink after I apply it?

No, Classico Limewash paint is a fully opaque finish and when it is painted on the brick, it will stay the color of the paint and will not look pink.

My brick is bright orange/red/yellow, will Classico Limewash cover it?

Yes, Classico Limewash paint is a fully opaque finish and when it is painted on the brick it will cover the surface completely. It is up to you how much brick/stone/surface that you want us to expose so we can cover it completely or wash it off more.

Is it really removeable? What if I don’t like it in a couple of years?

Yes, it can easily be removed with a pressure washer (or garden hose after immediate application) in the first five to seven days. After that, diluted muriatic acid can remove it.

How do you clean a dirty wall with Classico Limewash on it?

Dirty walls can easily be recoated with another coat of Classico Limewash or cleaned with soap and water.

Will rain affect Classico Limewash after you paint with it?

After three or four hours of drying, normal rain will not affect the finish due to immediate calcification.