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My name is Doug Gorton. I have been a professional painter in Austin since 1992.

I sold my last paint company when I moved to Colorado and now i am back in Austin and running Austin Natural Painting.

I am known for high end professional painting and have a very good reputation in Austin.

This is a brand new company and I will be adding Yelp reviews videos and pictures as we generate them, but many reviews associated with my name are available on Yelp from my previous company.

Please give us an opportunity to give you a free estimate using these super high quality, family safe products.

Austin Natural Painting’s ROMABIO paints and finishes vs. traditional paint

Austin Natural Painting, Austin’s premier eco-friendly residential and business painting company, is excited to bring you a better way to beautify your home or business. 

We care about your family and the environment, and that’s why we recommend ROMABIO products, especially for families with children, asthma, or allergies. 

ROMABIO brand paints, plasters, and limewash mineral products are the healthy alternative to acrylic paints.   

 ROMABIO Brand paints are chem-free, hypoallergenic mineral paints that are not only safer and nontoxic, but are superior to conventional acrylic and oil paints. 

ROMABIO paints pose no adverse effects on your family's health, your home, or the environment. 

  Completely different from the acrylic-based Zero VOC paints made from petroleum distillates, ROMABIO mineral paint is made from natural, raw materials manufactured without toxic chemicals that cause Sick Building Syndrome, cancer, allergic reactions, or asthma. 

They are also naturally mold resistant.

 ROMABIO products have the lowest negative health and environmental effects possible in the industry, without sacrificing beauty or durability.  

  If protecting your family's health and providing a safe and healthy environment for your kids and pets is a priority, or if you or someone in your workplace has asthma, allergies, or chemical sensitivities, then Austin Natural Painting and ROMABIO paints are the choice for you. 

   Backed by science   ROMABIO chem-free nontoxic mineral paints are completely safe to use around babies and young children who are more susceptible to the chemical irritants found in your typical acrylic paints. 

Even the so-called ZERO VOC acrylic paints sold by all other manufacturers generate dangerous odors and off-gassing. 

  A Harvard study showed that children had a higher rate of asthma and allergies when their rooms were freshly painted while they were newborns or before they were born. 

   ROMABIO backs their claims of Zero VOC, negligible TVOC, asthma-free, hypoallergenic, and toxin-free by using third-party verification and by obtaining the most prestigious certifications and scientific reports. 

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