Our Difference

We are a full-service painting company with a desire to use mineral paints that are safe for families.

At Austin Natural Painting, “good enough” isn’t good enough for us. We aim to be the very best in the Austin area when it comes to quality work and customer service no matter if we’re tapped to paint, stain, or limewash. But the passion for “the best” extends beyond this. It extends to the products we use for our customers.


We are on a mission to educate parents, builders, architects, Realtors, designers, doctors, and others about the many benefits mineral-based, toxin-free paints offer over acrylic paints. Mineral paints are different than acrylic or latex paints because of their molecular structure, their resin type, and the other ingredients. Romabio spent years collaborating with biologists and chemists to figure out how to use ancient paint technologies to adhere to modern surfaces with extreme durability and high-performance. This is what we recommend to our clients.

So, as a company, here’s our main difference: we really care.

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We care about quality. Whether you ask us to limewash an exposed brick interior wall, stain your kitchen cabinets a contemporary shade, or ask us to paint the entire exterior of your home or business, we will meet (and surpass) the highest standards to ensure customer satisfaction!

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We care about customer service. Any paint job is a big project. That’s why we work with you to ensure we’re using the right paint brand and color, and we always offer a free consultation, as well as a free line-item estimate of the costs involved before we touch our brushes to your home or business!

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We care about safety. This is why safe paint products are what we highly recommend to our customers. While you certainly make the decision on what paint you’d like, it’s important for us to educate you on why natural, toxin-free paints should be considered. We’re happy to answer any questions about this!