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Domingue Architectural Finishes

From the Domingue Website:

“Domingue Architectural Finishes is the finest collection of architectural finishes—lime plasters, lime wash, mineral paint, wall and trim—ever available in the U.S. ¬†These timeless, all-natural, environmentally safe materials elegantly address every surface and condition, both interior and exterior, and provide, via the hand of the applicator, an endless variety of expression. Comprised exclusively of mineral-based materials imported from Italy and Belgium, the products are unrivaled in their beauty, coloration, purity, and durability.”

“Domingue Architectural Finishes plasters, lime wash and mineral paint deliver unadulterated finishes that have stood the test of time. These beautiful, rich and durable finishes have no synthetic ingredients or chemical additives. In addition to their naturally pure composition, they are earth-friendly in production and application, ensuring the health not only of personal living spaces but of our shared environment.”

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