JH Wall Paints

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“JH Wall Paints was created from a unique perspective of deep experience, industry knowledge and endless creativity. It is family owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Jeremy and Michele Harnish. We are committed to offering premium hand crafted mineral lime-based architectural finishes and delivering a highly personalized service." -JH Wall Paints




.Give depth and motion to your interior space with JH wall paints. Our Lime Wall Paint is more luminous than acrylic or latex paint, due to the mineral surface breaking up incoming light and refracting it in every direction. The specially formulated texture of Lime Wall Paint allows the lime to give a blooming effect, giving dept through tonal variations that provide a velvety suede-like effect. Improve the air quality of your home using high-alkalinity Lime Wall Paints that resist mold, bacteria and remove odorous and harmful carbon dioxide from the air.

Use Limewash or mineral paint for your brick or stone for a more natural finish – no more plastic film left behind from acrylic paints, no latex shine and no chipping. Lime Wall Paint soaks into the brick or stone, leaving it’s natural contour. A variety of finishes are available for your brick, including a completely solid finish, translucent or an antiqued or distressed finish.

Give your home’s fireplace a makeover with JH Lime Wall or Mineral paints. Lime absorbs into porous materials, hardening your brick fireplace and resists chipping and peeling. Just like exterior brick, your fireplace can be finished in a solid, translucent or antiqued finish. Give your interior more charm by Limewashing your brick fireplace with JH Wall Paints.