All “Safe” Paints Aren’t Created Equal

A major part of our mission here at Austin Natural Painting is keeping your family safe while we’re working on your home. Our founder, Doug Gorton, is a local pioneer in eco-friendly painting. As a high-end painter in the area since 1992, Doug saw a need for safe, chemical-free paints and introduced Romabio’s line of all-natural mineral paints and limewash to Central Texas.

These days it’s become fashionable for a lot of painting contractors to claim that the materials they use are “safe” and “natural” and “chemical-free.” It’s definitely worthwhile to do a little digging into these claims, as evidenced by this article from Consumer Reports about several paint manufacturers who’ve had to settle charges with the FTC over misleading claims they made about the safety of their products. It’s a worrisome article to say the least and a good argument for hiring a company that you know will use genuinely safe and natural products from trusted manufacturers such as Romabio Paints and JH Wall Paints.

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