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Austin House Painters Using Romabio Brand Family Safe Mineral Paints

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Interior and Exterior Paints

ROMABIO's Potassium Silicate Paints comprise our Domus Collection of Mineral Paints and Primers. 

This is the substitute for traditional interior/exterior acrylic latex paints or acrylic waterborne house paints.

 Yet, ROMABIO products are superior in purity and performance! 

The Domus Collection is hypoallergenic and free of the toxic solvents & chemicals that are present in acrylics while providing superior adhesion and greater wear & durability.

 And a high mineral content contributes to its form and function: unique light refraction creates extraordinary luminosity and high pH levels prevent mold.

These paints are ROMABIO Organic BIO-Series or Primary ECO-Series Products. 

Learn more about the Romabio Product Line and their advantages for use in your home and business.

Better in every way

ROMABIO products are BIO (bio-logical), made from nature. 

They are not acrylic or latex paints. (A sheet of plastic on your walls)

The products are derived from minerals and eco-sustainable resources…not petroleum resources. 

ROMABIO spent years collaborating with biologists and chemists to create their innovative finishes and figured out how to use ancient paint technologies to adhere to modern surfaces using a clean, modern, mineral based technology—the newest technology since the introduction and proliferation of petroleum based products.  

Learn more about the ROMABIO story 

Protect your family

Do you or your family members suffer from asthma, cancer, immune deficiencies, or allergies?

 Did you know that ordinary petroleum-based or acrylic paints, with their odors and off-gassing, exacerbate these health concerns? 

Austin Natural Painting protects your family’s wellbeing by using ROMABIO paints and finishes. 

Even paints made by companies that say they are organic, eco-friendly or green are still referring to acrylic or petroleum based products that may contain petrochemicals, phthalates, biocides, high levels of TVOC, and always a certain amount of VOC. 

ROMABIO’s mineral paint is a game changer for healthy environments and a healthy planet. ROMABIO paints are non-toxic and do not cause or aggravate asthma, do not contribute to Sick Building Syndrome, do not cause cancer or affect immune systems, and are hypoallergenic.

 Learn more about how ROMABIO has revolutionized the painting industry with their beautiful and safe paints and finishes.  

Other Products We Use Also

Seal Once Brand ZERO VOC Sealers, Waterproofers, Cleaners

Waterproofers, sealers and cleaners for all wood, exotic wood, concrete, brick, masonry and composite decking surfaces

Seal-Once™ eco-friendly waterproofers provide long-lasting protection against water, mold and mildew stains. 

Safe for the environment, Seal-Once coating products are water-based, non-flammable and contain no VOCs, toxins or irritants.

 Available in clear or tinted formulas or specialized marine and industrial grades, Seal-Once provides long lasting, deep penetrating protection for up to 10 years on vertical surfaces, six years on horizontal surfaces.

 Seal-Once Poly Blend is formulated with aliphatic polyurethane for exterior and interior surfaces to create Seal-Once Poly Blend. 

The combination of Seal-Once and Poly increases abrasion resistance and provides additional UV protection to the semi transparent stains.

Seal-Once™ 100% Poly Sealers are single component, water-based aliphatic polyurethanes. With an elongation of 210%, these sealers are more durable with a harder film than acrylic sealers. 

Available in wood or concrete/masonry low VOC formulas.

Learn more about Seal Once Brand Sealers and Waterproofers 

Ecos Paints Woodshield Stain and Varnish


Everyone complains about fumes and strong odors from polyurethane after floors and cabinets have been coated and the headaches, breathing issues, or nausea that it causes.

People leave their homes for days to avoid the worst, throw out contaminated food when they return and spend weeks afterwards washing and cleaning everything to try to get rid of the smell.

That’s typical of polyurethane, poly, or traditional clear coat - to give you its various names.

ECOS WoodShield Varnish is different, totally different. Imagine being able to coat a floor or cabinet and preparing dinner in the same room. 

What about watching the TV while the contractor applies the finish around your couch. 

That’s ECOS WoodShield Varnish to give you its proper name.

 What is so different about ECOS WoodShield Varnish? 

Learn more about Ecos Brand ZERO VOC Stains and Varnishes

Rubio Monocoat

 Wood is a natural and noble resource that deserves superior protection. 

Therefore, we are committed to continual research and development with the expressed purpose of providing the best product available with full regard to the environment.

 Rubio Monocoat oil has unrivalled characteristics. 

The natural ingredients on which the oil is based generate a molecular reaction with the uppermost cellulose fibres of the wood. 

This high technology ensures that our oils are eco-friendly, are easy to apply and of superior quality. 

Our oils are used for both on-site and industrial purposes.

 The extensive assortment contains oils for indoor as well as outdoor wood and is known for its wide range of colours.

 High technology in a green can?

 That’s Rubio Monocoat. 

Learn more about Rubio Monocoat products.