We specialize in limewash finishes for brick and masonry that creates a uniquely classic look that holds its eye-catching appeal for decades. We have more than 8 years of experience with limewashing and mineral-based masonry paints, far more than any other painting company in the greater Austin area.

Limewash gives you a charming Old World feel with a freshly painted look, but allows you to keep the warmth of the brick and masonry beneath it. Whether you’d like to revamp your exterior or draw attention to exposed brick walls inside, Austin Natural Painting can bring your ideas to life.

Many people who see whitewashed homes assume it’s a high-end process that comes with a high-end price tag. Here’s the good news: the safe, durable, mineral-based ROMABIO Classico Limewash product that Austin Natural Painting recommends costs no more than the top-quality (yet less safe) acrylic paints commonly used today.

Looking for a way to add instant curb appeal with a paint that offers superior durability? Call Austin Natural Painting for a free, detailed estimate today. We can also help with color selection, which can often be one of the most difficult decision for homeowners.

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